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  • Automated record keeping

    This platform allows you to track all your farm businesss activities in one place. Schedule different farm events and track all the expenses incured for future reporting ...more

  • Market Information

    FARMIS provides current market information throughout major markets in Uganda. FARMIS gives you access to current food prices, ...more

  • Access to credit services

    Farmers cite unavailability of credit and capital as one of the major constraints in their business. Financial institutions on the other hand ...more

  • Market Linkages for produce

    Make use of the FARMIS platform to find out who is selling and buying. Using FARMIS you can now post offers for your produce before ...more

  • Promotional services

    Join FARMIS and market your produce through partnering local radio stations at no extra cost. Access other information like ...more

  • Access to farming tips

    Farming tips, agribusiness news, farmer success stories, etc. You can get all this by subscribing to FARMIS. You can also register to receive this ...more


Use farmis to profile your business records in one place so as to access it easily in future...
Join farmis as a Group and work collectively to help your farmers get access to credit while leveraging...
Manage your events and activities using an easy to use calendar. Schedule future activities and track them...
Generate customised reports that come in handy in making timed decisions...


  • I have just created my FARMIS account to help me track the different activities on my farm....more
  • With the new FARMIS i appreciate the ease with which i could track all expenditures i make ...more


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